Structured Finance 2.0

Ldger’s mission is to modernize capital markets by providing data rich, structured finance infrastructure. We've started with marketplace credit.

All-in-One Post Origination Platform for Marketplace Products

Ldger's structuring platform upgrades key capital markets functions to take advantage of a data-rich, real-time world of marketplace originated products.

  • Data Rich, Realtime Inventory Discovery
  • Online Structuring and Analysis
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Normalized Deal Structures
  • Efficient Ongoing Administration

Marketplace Lending Is Exploding

Origination in the U.S. has doubled every year since 2010 to $12B in 2014.
Although currently small compared to established credit markets, the online origination space is growing rapidly and moving into new verticals.
Global origination may reach $490B by 2020.
This model of technology-powered origination is going global and upending lending in markets in the U.S., Europe and beyond.
Excess of 50% CAGR expected between 2015 and 2020.
Strong growth is expected in coming years as more participants emerge and platforms widen their offerings.


Ldger Fills the Innovation Gap

Ldger's platform facilitates the efficient and cost-effective construction and marketing of structured credit products.

Dynamic, Real-time Structuring
Transparent and Auditable
Automated Cashflow Servicing and Reporting
Robust, Scalable and Secure Cloud Platform

Are you ready to extend the innovation cycle post-origination?

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